J.L.H Restaurant - Hikkaduwa

J.L.H Beach has been recognized as the place to go for the beach fun & relax since 1979. Over the years, we have expanded many times, but our commitment to quality has never changed.

J.L.H Beach restaurant is one of the biggest restaurants in down south, Sri Lanka which is “A” grade approved by Ceylon Tourist Board.

The Restaurant has a fully stocked bar where we provide high quality alcohol beverages for the customer in a good presentation manner, so the customers are very much attracted by our service.

As a full service bar & restaurant we serve a wide selection of international & local food in a clean, comfortable and picturesque location

Our unique Open Kitchen Environment lets you step up and watch our chefs as they carefully prepare your meal over an open flame. At a typical dinner rush, you'll see many specialized people working together in our kitchen. It's a carefully choreographed endeavor to bring you the best food from the

Our delicious food from a varied menu of authentic Sri Lankan & international specialties & wonderful service always bring back our customers with new friends



Phone : +94 91 22 77139

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J.L.H Restaurant,
#382/1, Galle Road, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

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