Eggs are collected or bought from local villagers and buried in the sand hatchery. If there is lot of
sunshine they hatch after 48 days. If it is raining it can take up to 60 days before the turtles emerge
from the eggs. They are then placed in the tanks and for first 3 days remain without food to cleanse
them of material ingested form the eggshell. They are then given small pieces of fish for a further
7 days. Learning to dive down into the tank to take the food. When they an do this. They can be
safely released into the sea where they can fish for themselves on the coral reefs. Turtles are
frequently injured at sea. Many get caught in fishing nets. Others are attacked by people attempting
to catch and kill them for their meat. Surviving turtles are cared for by the Turtle Farm and those who
make a good recovery can be re-released back the sea.

The Turtle Farm encourages local people to bring eggs or turtles to them by making a payment
for them. This helps to conserve turtle stocks and persuade people to stop selling and eating turtles
or their eggs.

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thats what happening at there, you must visit the turtle farm in hikkaduwa, if you want to know more.. they will explain alot of things about turtles.
Click here to see their Official Web Site.
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