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Dive Sites Lanka - Hikkaduwa
Owner: Jayantha Lokuliyana
Phone : +94 914 383 302
E-Mail : divesites@wow.lk

there official web site:
Dive Sites Lanka
No. 279 B, Galle Road
Sri Lanka

More About underwater Wonderland, Sri LankaSri Lanka - Underwater Wonderland

Sri lanka`s spectaculer senic beauty dose not end at its shore-line. Beneath its seas lies a fascinating sub-marine wonderland of orgeously coloured coral, jewel-hued tropical fish and submerged.........More About Underwater Wonderland


Diving in the seas Around the Sri Lanka

Diving in the seas around Sri Lanka has been going on for much longer than in most other places. It all began several thousand years ago when South Indian kings developed the Pearl Fishery of the Gulf of the Mannarl ....More About Underwater Wonderland

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